EDM African Resources has launched its website.

The EDM African Resources has launched its revamped much anticipated website.

The website is aimed to give its customers and the general public much information about the risen company in the mining and oil and gas industry. As a company with its aim to help its customer increase their productivity and grow through that process.

In line with our strategy to be the company with the third largest market share in the mining tools and consumables industry in three years and climb to the first position in five years, EDMARL is keen to introduce the premium drilling tools into the West African market to aggressively commence supply of down the hole (DTH) drill bits and hammers as well as hammer spare parts to major mining companies in Ghana and in the West African sub-region for trial and eventual takeover of business from incumbent players.

Its true this website and other digital channels that we hope to use to achieve our goal of making our customers and stakeholder excel in their business.

Welcome to our website and enjoy browsing through.

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